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Now you can access news and prices while on the move with Platts Petrochemicals Mobile App.

Free as part of your subscription to Platts petrochemical market reports, our Mobile app means you are always connected and up to date with the latest price changes and market-moving news.


Where can I download the mobile app?

Download the mobile app from the Apple Store or get it on Google Play.

How do I log in?

To log in, use the same login name and password you use to access Platts Market Center. If you haven’t yet registered for Platts Market Center visit and click on the First Time User link. Contact [email protected]for assistance.

How can I get the most from this app?

Click here to watch a short video showing the features and how to navigate around the app. You can also download our 2-page quick guide here

Do I need to log in each time I access the app?

No, once you have logged into the app the first time you don’t need to log in again.

Do I have access to the same content that I see on Platts Market Center?

All the price assessments, news, commentary and charting that you see on Platts Market Center is available on the app. The app also features Watchlists and Alerts so you never miss a price change or news story that matters to you.

What devices can I use the mobile app on?

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You will need iOS 7.0 (or later) or Android 4.1 (or later).

Is there a version for Blackberry or Windows?

At this time the app is only compatible with Apple and Android devices.

How do I get started?

Simply download the app, login with your Platts Market Center password and you are ready to go. Tap on    icon to reveal the menu and select the products and regions of interest to you. If you are using a phone swipe to the right to reveal News, Commentary and your Watchlist.

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Download for Android
Download for Android

Or send the link to your device:

Your login details will be the same as for Platts Market Center. Don't have a log in? Click here. If you're having any trouble please contact us.