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We want to show you how we’re bringing it all together with LNG news, insights, data and analytics to deliver you the most comprehensive LNG resource in the market. LNG exports are growing, so LNG Navigator is designed to help you more easily interpret information so you can better predict what’s next for your business.

  • Prices

    Work smarter by creating and viewing reports, graphs and netback tables using our prices, including Platts JKM™ and other LNG prices

  • Analytics

    Predict what move to make next with our LNG analytics; supply and demand five-year forecasts, expected flows matched to contract portfolios, and more fundamentals

  • News & Commentary

    Stay on top of developments relevant to your business with real-time publishing that feature insights and analysis on the implications of LNG news

  • Shipping

    Track the global market of LNG exports with LNG export terminals, shipping data, route and journey times, shipping patterns and more

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Platts LNG Navigator