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S&P Global Platts

S&P Global Platts Analytics Webinars on European power and European gas

Whether you’re interested in the outlook for European power or European gas, our webinar series is designed to help you stay on top of shifting market fundamentals. Leading analysts from our respected S&P Global Platts Analytics team will discuss key trends, share outlooks, and will answer your questions. If you haven’t taken part in an S&P Global Platts webinar before, they’re a great way to stay up to date with the key issues without having to leave your desk.

S&P Global Platts European Power Webinar – Autumn 2018

Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Time: 2 pm GMT

Western Europe’s power markets will see fundamental changes in the next five years, with the expected closure of nuclear and/or coal capacity in Germany, France, the UK and elsewhere. Nuclear closures will leave a deficit of large scale ‘baseload’ capacity, while the phase out of coal capacity will limit the power market’s flexibility to respond to volatility in demand and growing renewable output. Meanwhile the UK is expected to triple its power interconnection capacity with mainland Europe by 2025, potentially transforming power market dynamics not only in the UK but across western Europe.

Join members of our S&P Global Platts Analytics European power team for an invaluable webinar focused on explaining the likely impact of plant closures and increased interconnection on Europe’s power markets. The webinar will also examine how the supply mix and prices are likely to evolve in the coming years.

S&P Global Platts European Power Webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What will the Western European fuel mix look like in the 2020s?

  • How will markets respond to coal/nuclear closure programmes?

  • With UK interconnector capacity to the rest of Europe set to rise sharply, what does this increased interconnection mean for UK and mainland European markets?

  • Q&A


Glenn Rickson

Head of European Power Analysis
S&P Global Platts

Glenn heads up S&P Global Platts European power analysis and price forecasting service. He joined Platts as part of the acquisition of Eclipse Energy in 2014, where he was focused on the UK power market. In 2018 he also assumed responsibility for S&P Global Platts Analytics Continental European Power Forecast Service. He has had extensive input into the company’s gas and power price modelling through monitoring and analysis of fundamental developments.

Ana-Maria Tolbaru

Power Analyst
S&P Global Platts

Ana-Maria has over six years’ experience covering both UK and continental European power markets, with a focus on France and in-depth knowledge of EU policy. Ana-Maria’s focus is the analysis and modelling of electricity markets, and her fundamentals view feeds into the S&P Global Platts power models and our market-leading price forecasting and analytics reports. Ana-Maria has also been a power price specialist and has also produced gas and LNG market reports for a UK-based consulting firm.

S&P Global Platts European Gas Webinar – Outlook for Gas Year-18

Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Time: 3 pm GMT

After the roller coaster that was last winter, and a summer of exceptional storage injection demand, we’ve seen the end of the bear cycle turn into a bull run, and summer price levels reaching 10-year highs.

Join members of our S&P Global Platts Analytics European gas team for a timely webinar which considers GY-18 and beyond in light of the market pricing in another incredibly tight winter. The webinar will examine price anchors, risks, fundamental scenarios, and whether these record forward price spreads are justified.

S&P Global Platts European Gas Webinar will aim to answer the following questions:

  • How tight is the W-18 balance and are the premiums placed into the curve justified?

  • What risks are there to the S-19 balance? Where should prices anchor with so much uncertainty around end of winter storage stocks and switching (incl. EU ETS carbon pricing)?

  • As Groningen declines and Russian flow pick up, how will the European balance shift in the short to medium term?

  • How will time and geographical spreads evolve as these flows shift, and what does that mean for NBP/TTF?

  • Q&A


James Huckstepp

Managing Senior Analyst
S&P Global Platts

Based in London, James works with the S&P Global Platts Analytics team to deliver market leading analysis and forecasts. Prior to joining S&P Global Platts, James was a Senior Strategy Analyst at SSE plc., focusing on wholesale markets and generation/storage development, having previously held roles in gas and power trading, energy economics, and long-term price forecasting.

Simon Wood

Head of European Gas Analysis
S&P Global Platts

Simon currently leads a team working closely with the wider global S&P Global Platts Analytics organisation to produce market leading analysis and forecasts that underpin the Eclipse short term product suite. Prior to joining S&P Global Platts, Simon was a Senior Economist for ConocoPhillips UK Ltd, and previously held positions at Centrica Storage and British Gas. This background has given Simon a breadth of experience across the full gas value chain including upstream investment appraisal, M&A analysis, midstream origination and optimising downstream hedging activity.


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