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How will the changing landscape affect the future of Polyolefins

Platts Global Polyolefins Outlook

The US shale gas revolution and new Coal-to-Olefins/Methanol-to-Olefins (CTO/MTO) developments in China are rapidly changing the supply equation for polyethylene and polypropylene, with direct implications for global trade flows between key production and consumption regions. Platts Global Polyolefins Outlook helps you understand how today's wide cracking margins are incentivizing a rush for new capacity and how this might erode the US feedstock advantage post 2017, providing a global outlook on polyethylene and polypropylene supply and demand out to 2026.

The report will help you make informed recommendations and decisions as you dig deeper into:

  • New capacity projects

    Will new cracker, PDH and CTO/MTO exports displace traditional supply from key markets?

  • Global trade flows

    Track how global trade flows will change and understand what this means for regional markets; including how soon these markets will be impacted by new capacity

  • Variable cost curves

    See how the variable cost curve and cumulative capacity additions are affecting regional production costs

  • Chinese CTO/ MTO projects

    See new CTO/MTO capacity projects planned in Asia, together with the location and status of each

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