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Are you prepared for price changes due to changing supply & demand?

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The global petrochemical feedstock slate is becoming more complex with changing supply and demand rapidly affecting prices. As producers strive for a cost advantage, low-cost feedstock options are fueling their decisions.

Understanding the complex nature of the global petrochemical industry is crucial if you’re to maintain your competitive advantage. So having access to a regional supply & demand outlook has never been more important.

For this reason our polymers and aromatics market reports now include a Supply and Demand Outlook giving you:

  • A complete view

    A combination of current market prices connected with supply and demand trends, so you can build a complete view of the market, to adapt your buying, selling or trading strategy.

  • A true reflection of the market

    Unbiased opinions and up-to-date information that is a true reflection of the market, so you can swiftly respond to market changes and focus on your core business operations.

  • The ability to analyse

    Insight which can better inform your own analysis, strengthen negotiations and help build sophisticated risk models.

  • Understanding of connection between regions

    Regional coverage, allowing you to see the connections between key supply and consumption regions, while understanding factors affecting global balances.

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