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Making Waves: The final countdown to IMO 2020

New, tighter marine specifications in 2020 will be one of the most disruptive changes to ever affect the refining and shipping industries. It will have a global impact in excess of $1 trillion over 5 years. This report digs into the details behind this significant event.

The report provides detailed analysis on the effects of IMO 2020, including:

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  • The impact of non-compliance, rate of installation of scrubbers and amount of fuel switching to low sulfur fuel oil, gasoil or LNG

  • The associated blends and consequences on the balance of products to meet the new specification

  • Refiners' response to increase complex capacity utilization to maximize destruction of residues and actions to meet the short-fall in distillates

  • The associated implications of changes to refinery operations on other products streams and chemicals

Make sure you're equipped with a data centric view of the expected impacts, and are ready to advantage of new opportunities in this period of change.

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